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Online-Branchenkonferenz der Kultur- & Kreativwirtschaft
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2020 | 16.-19. November

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18.11.20 / 10-16 UHR / ZOOM

cocreative methods in work & organisational development / New Work


MODERATION: VERONIKA BUSCH | Kreative MV Landesverband &, Rostock und MONIKA TOMCZYK | Incubator for Culture & EU-Projekt South Baltic Creative Cluster, Stettin


  • PHILIPP HENTSCHEL | Co-founder, Berlin
  • MONIKA TOMCZYK | South Baltic Creative ClusterMedia Dizajn & Cultural Incubator, Stettin (PL)
  • LAIMA DOCKEVICIENE & RASA BALIULEVICIENE | Rietavas Centre for Tourism and Business, Rietavas, Lithuania
  • MATTHIAS ROOS | Kreativum, Karlsham, Sweden
  • MARIA MOYNIHAN | Kultur- & Initiativhaus STRAZE, Greifswald

New Work is pioneering – the term includes flat hierarchies, independent work in agile network-based teams and digital project cooperation. At the digital panel “CO CREATE WORK” on 18.11. we will show you the chances and possibilities of co-creative work design.

We look to MV, but also beyond the borders: The event is organised in cooperation with the EU project South Baltic Creative Cluster. The main objective of the Creative Cluster project is to establish cross-border cooperation between creative industry players and local networks around four locations within the South Baltic region. Therefore we open the “CO CREATE WORK” panel for cross-border networking. Please note that therefore the whole event will be held in English.

In the morning session (10:00 – 12:00) impulse-givers will give an insight into their experiences with co-creative and intercultural working methods. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to find fellow campaigners* for your projects in digital speed dating or to contribute your expertise to a possible cooperation.

10:00 – 10:30: A conversation with Philipp Hentschel: “dos and dont’s of cocreative work”

10:30 – 11:00: Keynote Monika Tomczyk: „intercultural working”

11:00 – 12:00: Speeddating (in Breakout Rooms)

During the interactive lunch break (12:00 – 14:00) you can work out your most exciting joint project ideas and submit them for voting – The prize is a joint participation in the professional excursion to a Co Working Space in San Sebastian within the Creative Cluster project for up to 3 people (Corona alternative: Voucher worth 500 Euro p.p. for an alternative Co-Working Space in the South Baltic Sea region – upon proof). For everyone else, there will be inspiring TED talks and an exchange of ideas at the joint digital lunch.

In the afternoon session (14:00 – 16:00), the focus will be on places and infrastructures that enable co-creative work. After three international co-working-spaces will introduce themselves and answer your questions, the final stakeholder panel with regional and supra-regional experts will deal with the question “How can we develop an optimal urban environment for the creative and cultural economy in Rostock?

14:00 – 15:00: 3 best practices (international coworking-spaces)

  • MONIKA TOMCZYK | Cultural Incubator, Stettin, Poland
  • LAIMA DOCKEVICIENE & RASA BALIULEVICIENE | Rietavas Centre for Tourism and Business, Rietavas, Lithuania
  • MATTHIAS ROOS | Kreativum, Karlsham, Sweden
  • MARIA MOYNIHAN | Kultur- & Initiativhaus STRAZE, Greifswald

15:00 – 16:00: Stakeholder Panel “How can we develop an optimal urban environment for the creative and cultural economy in Rostock?”


  • MARTIN ZAVRACKY | Campus Altkarlshof, Rostock
  • KATJA RIEBE | IHK zu Rostock
  • ANDREAS SCHUBERT | Stadtentwicklung Rostock


MONIKA TOMCZYK | South Baltic Creative ClusterMedia Dizajn & Cultural Incubator, Stettin (PL)

“To me, co creation means sharing and caring. It’s the new way of development where trust is the base for innovation.”

PhD Monika Tomczyk is an adjunct at University of Szczecin and Academy of Art. She is political scientist and economist with working experience in both science and industry. Monika Tomczyk’s expertise includes business models of creative industries, innovation and entrepreneurship perspective of the regional development, management process in the creative companies. Her current project: ‘CTCC – Creative Traditional Companies Cooperation’, Creative Ports, South Baltic Creative Cluster and Arrival.

Monika Tomczyk

VERONIKA BUSCH | Kreative MV Landesverband &, Rostock

Veronika Busch is a system designer. She is working as consultat helping organizations building capacities for innovation and creativity in everyday working life as well as managing change with creative means. She graduated from the school of Design Thinking at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam in 2012. Since then she designed and facilitated various design thinking processes of different scale and complexity in a non-profit and for-profit context.
She holds a Master of Public Policy from the Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance in Berlin, as well as a Bachelor in Business. For more than five years she worked in a multinational Pharma company in Switzerland latest in the field of social responsibility and social innovation.
Veronika is one of two CEOs of the consulting agency fint (for innovation, networks and transformation) based in the Warnow Valley Rostock, a creative cluster Veronika initiated together with others from the creative industry.

PHILIPP HENTSCHEL | Co-founder, Berlin

“Co-Creative works has the power to unleash high potentials beyond individual capacities but staying lean and flexible at the same time.”

Philipp Hentschel founded the freelancer network “welance” in 2010 and will share his experiences of co-creative work from the past years. As co-founder of the Coconat Workation Retreat and Hof Prädikow, he is also familiar with innovative coworking projects in urban and rural areas.

“Lifting Rietavas by switching on people, entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, importing ideas and expertise.”

LAIMA DOCKEVICIENE | Director, Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre Lithuania

Laima Dockeviciene is experienced expert in consulting on business development for start-ups and SMEs and project development and management for various organisations. Active player in promoting integrated regional development, considering complexity and variety of themes and players and introducing brave pilots and innovations in practice. She is good communicator and promoter and find common language with people of different age and beliefs. Laima has a master’s degree in public administration. Currently works as director of Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre and President of Rietavas Town Local Action Group.

RASA BALIULEVICIENE | Project administrator, Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre Lithuania

Since 1996 Rasa Baliuleviciene has work experience as Community Development and Rural Development consultant. She is a team worker and practitioner – facilitating local actions for the development of the region. Hands on developing, implementation of “soft” projects which include design of innovations, community engagement, organization capacity building, sustainable development. While working in international teams both in Lithuania and in other new independent countries, like Ukraine, Kosovo, she is aware of centralised decision system and has experience working in multi-ethnic societies, thus demonstrating good communication and coordination skills. Currently works as project administrator of Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre.

MARIA MOYNIHAN | Kultur- & Initiativhaus STRAZE, Greifswald

Maria Moynihan is one of the many people who are involved in the STRAZE in Greifswald. The STRAZE is a self-organized, grass-roots socio-cultural centre, which was ceremonially opened in mid-October 2020. The playground of the STRAZE is a large old public house and inn from 1847, which was extensively renovated with the help of innumerable volunteers. After many years of construction work, the group can now focus on cultural and educational activities. Maria Moynihan has been part of the project since 2013.

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